Built-in So Cal. by real skaters and fingerboard professionals. From the streets of Cali to the ramps at Skatelab, we take our inspiration from skating every day. When we take that passion and mix it with some true art - you get the best finger boarding ramps and obstacles any true fingerboarder would ask for.

  • Made in So Cal. in the heart of the skate scene by real skaters
  • Handcrafted and finished
  • All ramps use a 3/8th (7 ply) solid filled wood. Even though using a solid , non-void wood unlike all other style woods available at your local home improvident center might cost more, we will only use it for the highest quality available. With 7 plys (2 more plys than black river ramps) our ramps are solid and can handle any hit your trying to take on them
  • We actually stock our ramps right here. Unlike our competitors who never have anything in stock we actually stock our products. That's the cool part of making them right here in our own factory in So Cal. All of our items on our site that say they are in stock are actually really in stock and ship right away
  • Customer service, that means you will be taken care of. We actually have a phone that we answer (if you have dealt with our competitors than you know what we mean)